Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Haunted Mansion

Old decaying leaves gently swirled beside my feet, as I stood in front of the imposing mansion. The cheery notes of a piano could be heard coming from the room on the left. This was the beautiful drawing room, all decked out in red velvet and golden bows. A mistletoe stood hanging in front of the huge window. Merry laughter broke forth from across the hallway - the guests were enjoying themselves in the warmth of the burning fireplace...

The clanking sound of a passing truck soon woke me up from my reverie and brought me back to the present. Of course, I had been daydreaming but I'm sure this house in front of me had seen better days. I'm referring to the haunted house situated in front of the Marsovin vineyards in Marsaxlokk. If I'm not mistaken this house was once known as the Sans Soucis house. At one point an English couple lived in it. I was told that the husband was a captain employed with the RAF. What happened to this couple God only knows.

Its once beautiful groundfloor windows are all barred up now. Although this house has long been abandoned by its human proprieters yet its ghosts still roam its floorless rooms. There have been numerous ghost stories tied to this place. Friends of mine who went to explore the house encountered problems in taking photos of its interior. Another friend of mine said he heard strange noises coming from inside the place. This house has been caught up for decades in a battle between the family members that inherited it and it now is up for development - but most probably the permit will not be granted. It seems that the ghosts of Sans Soucis mansion will be reigning supreme for the time being.


Sue said...

It looks like a big beautiful house... pity it is in ruins. Ghosts always choose the best dwellings!!!

Robin said...

What a lovely but sad old building.

I hope someone is able to restore it someday and let the spirits within find some peace.

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Loree said...

I have always wondered about that house. It has such a sad and forlorn air about it and at night it takes on a sinister air - or perhaps it is my imagination.

Joey said...

It is beauty of home. How unfortunate that it sits all alone.

I love what you wrote, Zen. Very creative!


Angela said...

Great post Zen, I really enjoyed it! I would love to walk around and explore that mansion, though I must admit, in the daylight ;o) There are so many boarded up abandoned homes here, some of which like this one, you can tell that at one time they would have been grand! I would love to walk around and explore these places though I'm afraid that it might be illegal and I could get into trouble hehe

Doreen said...

I'm not on the pc very much these days and it seems I browse more than comment but I can't let this post by without writing a few words just to say I really enjoyed it Zen, thanks for sharing your vivid imagination and info with us : )

Rosanne Dingli said...

What a brilliant place. What desolation. How I would love to get my hands on such a place, and restore it to how it must have looked like and felt to be lived in, in its hey day. There is nothing like the old Maltese architecture. It's a dream of mine to have a place like that.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

What a coincidence. You visiting my Blog today just as I am featuring Malta on my Blog. Here's the link: http://timeforreflections.blogspot.com/2011/03/st-nicholas-christmas-all-year-round.html

God bless.

Christmas-etc... said...

Oh Wow! Where were you last week when I was desperately searching for photo's of your beautiful St. Nicholas church?! :) (Are there any others named in St. Nicholas's honor close to you?) Thank you so much for visiting my site and for your lovely comment! It means the world to me that a person from Malta liked the posting!
I love your site! This haunted mansion and story is intriguing!
Please come and visit again soon (I posted my new kitty cat today - he gets one posting a week! I don't think St. Nicholas minds :))

Xa said...

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