Monday, February 15, 2010

A box of trinkets

A few months ago my father reminded me that I had a lot of stuff left at my parents' house. So off I went to check what possessions I had left behind and forgotten all about. I had a good laugh looking at the stuff that I had kept through the ages.

One of them was this box of trinkets. Actually I used to call this my treasure box and it had its pride of place on my dressing table. The box itself was originally a cookie box but it had such lovely paintings on its exterior that I had decided to keep it. When I opened it it felt like I was opening Pandora's box - so many memories closed inside that box.

I had practically forgotten what I had treasured through the years... the broken head of a porcelain duck (I think one of my sisters broke mum's porcelain duck and I decided to treasure its broken head) a football sticker given to me by a boy I used to fancy at primary school, small velvety teddybears that must have been the craze at the time, a dinosaur rubber (not that I was a fan of dinosaurs!) and a pink panther one , all forms of hearts I came across, rubbery ones, wax ones and plastic ones too.

I found a peacock -craft which I had done ages ago and which at the time was something that I was really proud of because I had created it out of my own imagination. An australian hanky, a treasured note from two ex-friends of mine, an underground train ticket ( these trains somehow fascinated me at the time), little notebooks, my treasured Air Malta hostess gold-plated tag, a woven flower given to me by my hubby's nan and a little treasure chest in which I used to collect all the little lost gems that I found around me. At one time I had built a good gem collection but I think my sisters got hold of them. All these treasured possessions mean nothing to me now but I can't get myself to throw them away. Isn't that strange ?


Sue said...

Well that must have taken you back in time. It seems we all have our little box of memories... that's what it is and that's why you can't throw them away even if they have no particular value but they are part of your past.
They are now part of your present too.

Loree said...

I think it's the memories that we hold on to more than the possessions. I am the same. I have a box full of cards, letters and all sorts of other junk.

Doreen said...

No Zen I don't think it's strange at all. I too am quite a hoarder and very sensitive about throwing such 'things' away. You know you can make a shadowbox from some of the items as a memory of your younger days...heehee there goes me and my recycling projects!
Very interesting post, I love these little treasures : )
By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog which I am trying to revive LOL! I tried to publish your comment along with others and somehow it got deleted. Could you please post it again, thanks!

Nick Phillips said...

That is an awesome looking trinket box :D I don't have much old stuff from my younger days left except my comics :D

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Thank you for visiting my Blog. I hope you visit again often and comment.

God bless.

breadgirl said...

Hello Zen

You have a lovely blog and this is a nice post. It is very hard to let the past go, even when it is just former treasures which we now think is one step away form junk. I am pleased to discover your blog. My husband and I are fans of Malta. We have visited many times and hope to go again. We love everything about it - the way of life, the scenery, the history, the people, the climate. The place is darn near perfect! God bless you.

ilovepink1078 said...

Hi! just a blog walking.hope to learner from your site and you as well. Thanks for sharing... Looking forward.

w said...

What a sweet post :) We are all part of history and our 'treasure boxes' are also part of our personal history and even part of history too. I have mine at my parents ;) but I also opened a new one here ;)