Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Award Time

I've been awarded again - this time by my bloggy friend - Sue from CraftySue: I am so honoured to receive yet another award. She's got this passion for making lovely crafts and sharing her ideas with all and what's more she's just adopted this cute cat Tod. Do hop over to her lovely website.

Thank you Sue!

There are a few rules that come along with this award. To accept the award I have to do a few things:

1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on my blog.
3. Link the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Name seven things about me that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate seven blogs.
6. Post links to the seven blogs that I nominate.
7. Leave comments on all seven blogs letting them know I nominated them.

Now to award seven other blogs... this is always a difficult part, all the blogs I follow merit this award but I can only nominate seven, here goes:

7 things about me

1: Am crazy about pigs - They're such funny creatures!
2: Love all things blue.
3: I'm a summer girl, love the sea, sun, summer fruits, bbqs ...
4: I'm a shopaholic.
5: I love cooking and trying out new recipes.
6: Love hosting parties and making all the party food myself.
7: I like watching TV programmes where there is a drastic change or a complete makeover involved such as: Take Home Nanny, Houses Behaving Badly, Extreme Makeover

And now for the nominated blogs...



Jientje said...

How funny, that could have been my list!!! I love all the things you love!!!
Thanks for the award Zen, wonderful!!!

Sue said...

Nice to know more about you. Congratulations for the award, your blog merits. Thank you for the nice things you wrote about my blog!

Doreen said...

Congratulations Zen! Yes I too enjoyed getting to know more about you : )
My sister Sue has always been very creative and I have always been telling her so until she is finally believing it - I hope LOL! (OK sis I'll duck and run but it's true!)
Congrats to all the other recipients of this lovely award : )

Nick Phillips said...

Congrats on the award and as for number 4, well, I've never heard of a woman who is not a shopaholic ... LOL!

Mark Kreider said...

Congratulations on receiving your well-earned award! Thank you so very much for including me on your list of honorees. It's nice to have one's photos and comments considered. I hope to be able to contribute more material soon... I'm in recovery mode at the present. This makes your award appreciated at a special moment! Thank you.

Isabel said...

Thanks so much Zen. I am honoured!

I love watching Take home nanny too. It gives me great tips!

w said...

Thanks a lot Zen! I have been very lazy lately and I haven't felt like blogging but I will try publishing the award on my blog as soon as ;)

Have a lovely week,