Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh! For a little bit of freedom

This is a photo I took of my parents' pet cat called Rusty. He is such an adorable cat. My sister heard his sad mewing outside when he was still a blind kitten, the size of a hamster, and when mum took him under her wing we fell head over heels in love with him. We took turns to feed him a small toy bottle full of milk and nursed him back to health until he grew into this lovely big cat that you see in this photo. He's got everything he can wish for, except, the liberty to roam the streets outside. Sometimes I feel sorry for him when he sits on the polysterene box which mum set up for him next to the main door so that he could at least smell the interesting air outside.

Whenever he tried to escape he always ended up scared to death under a stationary car, hissing like a crazy cat. So, no, he's not allowed outside. Once, I decided to take him out in our porch holding him like a baby but it happened to be a rainy day and as soon as a car whizzed by, the splashing sound of rain water scared Rusty and he regalled me with a deep scratch on my shoulder and back for he jumped down and went back inside. So much for kindness! At other times I allowed him to come up on the roof while I hung the clothes on the line but whenever our neighbour's pigeons happened to attract his attention he liked to make a disappearing act and God knows how many walls I had to jump to retrieve him back.

Now his latest fad is to watch the garden because some stray cats have found a way up the garden walls of our neighbours and they are enjoying their daily stroll on the garden walls. Poor Rusty is not enjoying himself much seeing other cats invading his territory and sometimes even sleeping in my parents' garden. It's as if they enjoy teasing our poor cat whose sole existence is destined to be inside.


Sr Crystal Mary said...

Oh..poor thing. If only we could hear his thoughts of, "its not fair, what's that other cat doing in my yard?" Animals are so unique.
I enjoyed this story.
I have many Maltese friends and I can say "How are you? good thanks!" in your language.
Thank you and God bless..

Loree said...

Poor Rusty. It's sad, there are so many stray cats roaming the streets. At leastt Rusty is fed and well cared for. He can be happy about that.

Sue said...

Zen, I am late on this one but it looks so much like the life our cat leads. I am sure they are happy members of the family, they would get sick or get run over by a car if we leave them out now after having domesticated them.
He's a lovely cat!

Jientje said...

I would keep him inside too. He should not get into a fight with the other cats, it would kill him. My cat is a very scared cat too, she's sixteen years old and she's only allowed onto the patio. She must have had something happening to her when she was a baby. Yours was very little when you got him, who knows what happened before your mother took him inside eh?

Joey said...

I would give anything to be inside of his mind.

I wonder if he ever think about going postal on those other cats?

Bless his poor cat heart!