Friday, May 28, 2010

The Past and the Present


Here are 3 sets of photos, the past and the present. In the first one, one can see the Mellieha Parish church in the background. Now that I placed mine right under it I realised that I took the wrong angle of the church but it's definitely the same church.

The area beneath the church seems more or less the same.

Pretty Bay

I'm not sure which area of Pretty Bay this was but last summer I took one just for comparison.


I think this old photo, which was taken in 1885, was shot on the hill where the present church stands. I tried to take the same angle but couldn't since the church building is in the way. The last house on the right in the old photo can still be seen in my photo - it's the house behind the red kiosk.


Loree said...

How things change. Not always for the better sometimes.

Doreen said...

Nice past and present photos to compare, how places change eh and, like Loree I'd say not always for the better...unfortunately! I wish we had more green places left and that the older style house could be renovated rather than done away with to make place for high rise buildings.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Sue said...

The old and the new... these are great pictures Zen. I see changes every time I come to Malta and as Loree and Doreen said; unfortunately they're not always for the better.
Have a nice weekend!

Dina said...

the old house from pretty bay photo is still standing , it's the well known cherries bar/pub. Nice pictures :)

Suki said...

Thanks Dina!! I didn't know that -so I should have angled my camera more to the left.

Juniper said...

I love your idea for this post, so much fun to look at (especially when you can still see a few pieces from the past poking through). Please do more!