Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy House Names 3

When I first saw the name above at first glance I thought I saw Asterix but when I looked again it was 'Asterisk'!!! Would you believe it?? Why would people pay to have their house named after a punctuation mark?

Hmmm makes me curious to know what goes inside this house.......

AAAh this must be one lucky man and boy, he must be proud of it too!!

Phew! They did it notwithstanding all the obstacles!

Finally I found where Bo Peep lives...but I won't tell you where!

A dyslexic homeowner maybe? Read it from right to left


Sue said...

I suppose every name tells a story.
It would be nice to know what the owners were thinking when they gave these names to their houses.
Zen, it's nice to see a new post on your blog.

Robin said...

The first letter of that last one looked like an S to me, not an E. Was a bit surprising, to say the least LOL.

Nice to see you again Zen, hope all's well.

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Juniper said...

Your post really had me laughing, well done on having the camera on hand when you spotted these! Very funny.

Joey said...

I think it's really neat that homes are named.

I would name ours, "Someone boring resides here and it sure isn't me!"

The mister would laugh. I hope...