Tuesday, April 7, 2009


This kind of spring weather makes me feel the urge to go out for walks and explore new paths in the countryside. To be honest, I do not walk much but when I do I really enjoy myself. I take my camera with me - always on the look out for old disused paths, something unusual, derelict buildings, or a beautiful scene. In one of my walks in Marsascala, I took some pictures which you will see in the coming posts.

Marsascala is a small picturesque sea-side village in South Eastern Malta that has grown up around Marsascala Bay. It also goes by the name of Wied il-Ghajn. In the past it used to be a fishing village but now it has been turned into a tourist resort. Marsascala is divided into different areas namely, Zonqor, Bidni, Siberia, Bellavista and St. Thomas area.
In summer Marsascala is buzzing with activity. Most of the people usually walk along the promenade that stretches all the way around the bay from Zonqor Point around to the ex-Jerma Palace Hotel, with stops on the way for drinks and snacks from the bars and restaurants nearby. These walks usually take place in the evenings as it's a lot cooler than during the day when its just too warm to contemplate walking, and the day is usually spent in and around the cafes and restaurants.

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