Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last week, I accompanied my husband on one of his fishing stints. This is quite a recent hobby of his and although I've been encouraged quite a number of times to join in the fishing I have not yet changed my mind. I don't like sitting down staring at the sea, doing nothing - that's what I usually answer back when people ask me why I don't go fishing too. But last week I must have been in need of some quiet time by the sea as I did not seem to mind sitting down and observing what was going on at sea. I didn't even bring a book with me as the sun had already set by the time we had settled down. For once I didn't lose my patience doing nothing. I felt a sense of calmness surrounding me.

There were so much going on around us that I had no time to get bored. From where I was sitting, close to the ex-White House restaurant in Marsascala, I saw fishermen returning in their boats with their day's catch, and others leaving the creek (as seen in the photo above) perhaps looking forward to a great catch. People came by to say hello. There were people going for their daily evening walk. Others just sat down on the benches eating some take-away while updating themselves with the latest gossip. And while I was staring at the sea I took a couple of photos. I think these three young lads in their boat made a pretty picture.


Sue said...

This reminds me of when my dad used to go fishing.
The pictures , especially the one with the 3 lads gives me a strange feeling... it seems like I can smell the sea air ... what a pity I won't be coming to Malta this year :( I'm really going to miss the long walks on the promenade.


Doreen said...

Beautiful thoughts and pictures...I love the sea and I also love fishing, used to go with my husband but we have not been in a long while. I'm glad you enjoyed it, yes it is definitely very relaxing and it is amazing how many things you get to notice...I love writing poetry in places like these especially during sunrise and sunset.

P.S. We will be missing you too Sue this year.

Robin said...

I love that second photo, it's got such a peaceful feel to it.

Unknown said...

My Grandpa loved Malta & visited many times in the 1960's. Your pictures remind me so much of his images & are simply delightful. I'm glad you enjoyed a restful fishing trip - our family fishing trips always used to absolute chaos, not surprising then that we never caught much!

Suki said...

@Hi Doreen, Robin - Thanks for your comments

@Hi Sue - sorry to hear you won't be coming to Malta this year. Maybe next year..?

@Welcome SMB - I couldn't help laughing at your description of your family fishing trips