Monday, July 20, 2009

Marsaxlokk Sunday Market

Yesterday morning I went to the Marsaxlokk's famous open market along the quay. Crochet tablecloths, souvenirs, fruit, vegetables, clothes, shoes and traditional items... almost everything can be found on the stalls. The traditional fish market takes place every Sunday and fish of all shapes, colors and sizes are a proof that Marsaxlokk deserves to be named Malta's most famous fishing village. Couldn't help taking pictures of all the bright and colourful items on display. Many of the photos speak for themselves.


Fresh vegetables

People from all walks of life

The caper seller

Fresh fish

Lots of colourful aprons

Two old women chatting

Cheap shoes by the dozen

Haggling for the cheapest prices

Hair accessories

Freshly baked bread

Colourful fruit

So many watermelons

Legumes and beans


Sue said...

This market seems like the perfect place where one can find almost anything. It looks so colourful too!
Have a nice week!

Robin said...

Your market reminds me a lot of ours, though we don't have the traditional handicrafts - and I avoid the fish and meat aisles like the plague (especially in hot weather!).

Suki said...

@ Hi Sue - yes it's a place where you find practically everything at cheap prices.

@Hi Robin - you said you avoid the fish and meat aisles - is it because of the smell or is because you're a vegetarian?

Robin said...

The smell, it's unbearable. Actually I don't really eat fish, though I do eat seafood. It's the smells though that keep me away.

PS The photowalk was an international event organized by photography/Photoshop guru Scott Kelby. There were 900+ walks all over the world on Saturday, with over 32,000 people taking part. You can read more about it here.

Doreen said...

I have heard about this open air market for so long and always wanted to visit it ~ I hope to do so one day.
LOL maybe I'll even bump into you Zen and won't even know it's you!

Blur Ting said...

I love markets like this!

Nick Phillips said...

Your market sure looks alot like ours over here but so much cleaner though.

Thanks for dropping my blog and leaving a comment :D

w said...

I love the Marsaxlokk market ;): Fish, fruits, hair accessories...Neat pics :)

Suki said...

@Doreen - I'm surprised to hear of a Maltese person who hasn't yet been to M'Xlokk open market. Mind you, I'm not a big fan of crowded places ( so you won't be bumping into me in such places) but I do make it a point to visit an open market once or twice a year, just for the fun of it.

@Nick - I assure you that once the hawkers dismantle their stalls you'll be surprised at the amount of rubbish that they leave behind: torn boxes, veggie leaves, putrid fishy liquids, and other unwanted stuff.