Monday, July 19, 2010

Close up shots

In my previous post I mentioned that my husband has taken over my new camera. Well, in this post I'm attaching some pictures that he took in macro-mode (with the exception of the white thing ). They may not be the best shots but they're not that bad either. These are photos of everyday stuff - all of them natural stuff. Can you guess what they are?


The Fish said...

Love the pics, they are great!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Top left = banana sliced length ways.
Top right = something I've seen but can't remember where when or what.
Second row left = water melon.
Second row right = slice of an exotic fruit whose name I cannot remember and I don't particularly like.
Third row left = red peppers.
Third row right = golf ball, or head of garlic in a net.
Bottom row left = I don't think I would eat that ... not with all those worm looking things on it. Are they seeds of some sort?
Bottom row right = Pancake made properly; not like when I burn it into charcoal.

Anonymous said...

You can have fun with macro, I used to have it on my old Nikon before it got stolen.

I have featured you on a new page of Life,
there's a direct link. Used one of your photos, hope you don't mind, it's credited.


Sue said...

I think this is a great way to experiment with a new camera... your husband has a good eye!
I think I can guess on a few, well let'see the top left seems like the closeup on a banana cut lenghtwise,the bottom left seems like the skin of a melon, the one on the second row on the left seems like a closeup on a water melon...I don't know about the others , maybe the white one is a net with onions or garlic.
Do I win something???? LOL!

Suki said...

Oh I'm having a good laugh at some of your guesses!!!

Sue said...

Zen, I came back to see if I guessed and am happy to know you're enjoying yourself with our guesses... I hope you'll let us know what the pictures are in your next post.

Loree said...

I see a water melon and possibly a pancake or an omlette. Have no idea what the others are.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I've asked my readers to visit you and help with the guesses. See my Blog.

(Thinks) "Actually, I believe I got all of them right!"

Victor S E Moubarak said...

OK ... I'll have another go.

Two of the pictures are of the sunset over Gozo and one is of Paradise Hotel.

Ooops ... wrong post. Sorry !!!

Joey said...

Victor, I think the bottom left is a banana peel, getting ripe.

Bernie said...

Yikes I have nothing different to offer from the others.....I will look forward to reading the answers.......:-) Hugs

Tracy said...

Left to Right, top to bottom:

Banana cut lengthwise

Red grapefruit


Leave with bug on it

Yuk - I've no idea!

Garlic head in a mesh bag

Close up of a seed pod on a tree

Corn tortilla cooked on open flame

David P. Cilia said...


top left - banana from inside
top right - grapefruit with skin removed? (this is the hardest)
2 left - watermelon from inside
2 right - pineapple from outside
3 left - passion fruit seeds
3 right - garlic in net
4 left - melon from outside
4 right - banana from outside

Joey said...


Joey said...

You have to check Victor's sock blog. He wants to know which sock is right and which sock is left!!!

He needs your input!