Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last week I posted a game where you had to guess what the close up shots of the objects were. I thought it was going to be easy and that somehow someone would manage to guess all of them. Only one of you managed to guess almost all of them. DPC - You came closest. Well Done!!

Ok. So here are the results ..(I sound like a Eurovision Song representative)
Starting from left side
First picture: cross section of banana, Second Picture on the right: the dried remains of a prickly pear leaf (that was difficult!)
Second row: watermelon, Second picture: the skin of a pineapple
Third row: passion fruit which hasn't yet ripened, second picture: the head of garlic in a net
Fourth row: the skin of a melon, Second picture: the skin of a ripe banana.


Sue said...

Thanks Zen for the results, it was fun.

clare @ the pretty walrus said...

That was a really good challenge. Didn't see the post when it first went up but tried it now before I read the answers and got most of them right, yay!

Dina said...

That was good , I couldn't figure out the prickly pear and the passion fruit.

Hope you are keeping well , take care.

Doreen said...

I guessed some, was close (!) on others LOL but the best one I missed on was the garlic in a net heehee, I thought that was a chicken in a net!!!
Great fun, thanks!
Well done Zen on the photos by the way : )

Joey said...

no spagetti????? LOL !!