Monday, May 18, 2009

The Valletta Waterfront

In the 18th century Grandmaster Pinto built these baroque style warehouses in the Grand Harbour, a natural deep water port, which for many thousand of years was the centre of Malta’s maritime activity. There are 19 warehouses in all and these stretch along the water's edge and the historical Quay Wall where the Knights of St John and European merchants used to unload their wares.

The Valletta Waterfront has been brought back to life with the restoration works carried out by the private consortium VISET Malta. The Valletta Waterfront is also the gateway to Malta’s capital city, Valletta – a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen. In fact, as one of the most successful Mediterranean ports, the Port of Valletta welcomes more than half-a-million cruise passengers a year.

The Waterfront is currently being used as a popular venue with a concentration of upmarket bars, retail outlets and restaurants. International names such as Hard Rock Cafe operate in the area. Whether you are looking for a dining experience, shopping, a memorable event, or simply a stroll along the promenade, the Valletta Waterfront has something for all your senses.

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