Monday, August 24, 2009

A walk round the city of Vittoriosa, (Birgu) (Part 1)

My walk round this ancient fortified city of Vittoriosa started off from this dark tunnel that can be found in an area called 'Il-Mandragg'. I've got this weird fascination with old tunnels and couldn't resist starting my walk from this very old one - a tunnel which must have borne witness to so many historical events that took place years ago. Looking behind me I could just about view three boats bobbing in the calm waters of Kalkara creek.

This tunnel led me on to the upper levels of the fortifications that surround this city. I turned right and found myself facing this old building. I was really amazed to find a display dating back from the years of the Second World War,still hanging over the door of this building.

From there, I wandered along this narrow winding path, past the honey coloured walls of the eerily ancient houses that overlook the harbour.

I spotted this door with the Maltese cross painted on it. My walk led through the winding streets: one beautiful street leading to another equally lovely one. The streets are so narrow that you can clearly hear the inhabitants talking inside and TV sets warbling in the background. I almost felt as if I was invading their privacy but then, these people have long got used to being overheard in the streets. Their lives are all one village gossip. You either like it or you don't.

Traipsing along the old streets I came across this secluded corner, sheltered by a vine tree. The boat carrier lying alongside the wall jarred harshly with the ancient clay jar and the stone well on the opposite side. The vine that had been lovingly sown in between them seemed to have the strange chore to set apart the old from the new.


clare @ the pretty walrus said...

i love your posts - it's like taking a walk through Malta bit by bit :) x

Doreen said...

Old tunnels, fortifications, eerily ancient houses ... I love this old world feeling and you caught it beautifully Zen!
A few years back I was fortunate to visit that part of Malta and like you enjoyed roaming through the streets and their history.
Thanks for sharing!

Sue said...

Lovely post Zen!
I think you've snapped some nice pictures too.
Malta is so lovely in photographs.

Jientje said...

I'm looking forward to more walks with you on that beautiful island of yours! First time visit to your blog and you've got me hooked! Nice meeting you!

Angela said...

I love these pictures. When we were in Malta this past April I was obsessed with the Maltese doors and balconies...and of course stairways and tunnels too :o)

Dina said...

Great post and lovely pictures. I simply love the old parts of Malta. They are so beautiful and full of history.

Sue said...

Hi Zen, it is me again, Sue.
I just wanted to let you know that I've chosen your blog for an award, please come over to my blog to pick it up. Congratulations!

Nick Phillips said...

Great post. I felt like as if I was there in person :D

Robin said...

What a great tour, I love the old tunnels and alleys.

Isabel said...

I just love Birgu. It is so fascinating isn't it?

w said...

Cool tour thanks ;)