Friday, May 8, 2009

Il-Majjistral Park Walk

This is the best time to go out for a walk in the countryside. We went to the Majjistral Park Guided Nature Walk when it was still free and I can say it was a really lovely experience! It's a walk that offers you an opportunity to learn more about Malta's flora and enjoy the spectacular countryside. The walk is six kilometres long and takes approximately two-and-half hours, while the terrain consists mostly of rocky paths along the cliffs, and dirt tracks.

The site is rich of biodiversity and history giving you an experience of natural beauty, a walk in history and a sense of wilderness that is hard to imagine and experience in Malta – an island densely populated and under the pressure of development and progress. The highlights of the area included amongst others: beautiful views on the northwest coast, wild rugged landscapes along the boulder scree below the plateaus, a large number of traditional corbelled stone huts (giren) and a rich garigue bursting with flowers.

The park extends from ir-Ramla tal-Mixquqa (Golden Bay) to Il-Prajjet (Anchor Bay) and the walks are led by a qualified and experienced guide. The site was first earmarked as an area to host a Golf course with an aim to attract a niche of golf tourism to our Island. In the process the authorities changed their decision and declared the site a national park aimed for public enjoyment and with a focus to attract niche tourism – this time ecotourism. The NGos that had lobbied to convince the Authorities to change their position on Golf ended up being assigned the management of the Park. Today Din L-Art Helwa, Nature Trust (Malta) and Gaia Foundation are working hard withthe local authorities to conserve the area.

Here are some more highlights of our nature walk :

The cart ruts

The Cave Dwellings

A lost cameleon

A rare view of sheep grazing in the fields

The place which marked the end of our Nature walk.

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Sue said...

Hello Zen,
Your nature walk reminds me of the many similar walks I made when still a teenager and when I was still living in Malta, I remember so many hikes with my sister Doreen and our friends. I am glad the golf idea has been put aside... I'm in favour of nature parks and ecoturism.

Doreen said...

Hi Zen,
Beautiful pictures again! Great posting, sounds like you had loads of fun : )

How lovely Sue to see you have found your way here...I am sure you will enjoy Zen's blog. Yes this posting does remind me so much of our walks and hikes when we were young.

Suki said...

Yes we did have fun. There were so many things to see. We spent 2 and a half hours brisk walking. I ended up out of breath most of the time but still enjoyed myself.